Color Swatch

Color Swatches for Various Materials

As a manufacturer, we offer you various options for materials and colors to customize the furniture, lightings and related products.
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Leather Color Swatch

Fabric Color Swatch

Wood / Veneer Color Swatch

ABS / Plastic Color Swatch

Aluminum Color Swatch

Fiberglass Color Swatch

Important Notes to use the Color Swatch

1. The Color Swatch information and terms in this webpage apply to all the website of our branches, affiliates, subordinates or resellers.

2. Generally speaking, there are no minimum quantity requirements for customization for materials or colors, in another word, even for just one piece, we can make it with the color that you want. But definitely the cost of customization for one or several pieces or for bulk quantity is totally different, the former is much more expensive than the latter. So if you have customization request, please contact the sales of the websites you are going to order to confirm the price.

3. There is always a color aberration there due to computer monitor or camera or different backgrounds of lights. We can not 100% ensure that what you see on the computer screen is what you will get. So if you are sensitive about color, please request Color Swatch by mail, under the most situation, we charge zero for the color swatch, but you need to pay a small amount for the shipping.