About us


Professional Furniture Manufacturer & Direct Supplier for Barcelona Chairs,Furniture and related Modern Style Furniture

Modern Furniture Factory is founded in 2000, located in Foshan city with sales offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou of China. We are specialized in furniture made of metal and leather from the start, and then developed into fiberglass, wood and ABS. With more than 15 years' experience in production and dealing with worldwide, we have grown into a very professional manufacturer, and proficient in supplying for various requirements from companies, individuals, organization and etc.

As the factory supplier, we have huge advantage over middle sellers in your local place: Lowest Price you can get all over the world, Highest Quality within the given cost spectrum, Customization for various colors with various materials, Long-term Maintenance for years'usage that you can come to use no matter after how many years' usage for repair or maitenance while middle sellers always disappear after one or two years.

What is more, we have developed a systematic supply chain which can ensure us to ship items directly to your door address, with peace-in-mind and full buyer protection and after-sale service.

You would be warmly welcomed to come and visit us and inspect our sophisticated equipment and advanced management.

    You can also click here to Take a Factory Glance and get a preliminary image about how we produce and operate.

For any questions, please feel freel to contact us by email at sales@modernfurniturefactory.com, we will be honored to hear your opinions and suggestions.