Our regular size for the Barcelona Chair and Ottoman are as below. You can also request for any special dimensions, we can customize for you.


The craftsmanship matching this price is the standard quality, for normal personal usage, our standard quality is good enough and can be ensured with a warranty of 5 years without any problems. If you have commercial or any special usage, you can also ask for higher grade, super grade, luxury grade or request a customization.


We use high quality Cowhide or Ponyskin leather to make the chair. Each piece of Cowhide or Ponyskin leather is selected carefully and strictly, and with unique pattern and great status. You can click the picture to see the full color swatch of the cowhide and ponyskin leather.

Cowhide Ponyskin Color Swatch


Instead of scattered and cheap foam, we use the complete whole block of high density sponge with 9-10 cm thickness to make the cushions, and the thickness and the elasticity can be adjusted on your request especially in bulk quantity. It is anti-fire of US standard, with the poly foam in the surface to maintain. so the cushion is very elastic, enduring, and comfortable at the same time. There are some low-priced sellers in the market using Recycled Foam in the cushions. You can click here to know more details for how to tell the two different foams: http://www.barcelonachairfactory.com/Sponge

       Back side of the cushion:

For Barcelona chairs made in Cowhide or Ponyskin leather, we also have different grades based on the leather used.

Cowhide Barcelona Chair Cushions

Ponyskin Barcelona Chair Cushions


We use Solid Stainless Steel to make the frame, and can ensure at least 5 years without any problems for the frame even there is a load of 300 pounds on it everyday.

Many middle sellers use hollow steel frame or chromed steel frame to reduce the cost, but soon you will find the frame is broken.

Follow this link, you will see exact details of the Solid Stainless Frames we offer. You can also see the facts of what loss you will get if you spend on the so-called "solid frame" but actually hollow from some middle sellers. http://www.barcelonachairfactory.com/Barcelona-Chair-Frame


As a manufacturer supplier, we have huge advantage in improving our quality constantly and keep the core competence to be top. The barcelona chair straps are one aspect of our leading technology. We have developed exclusive craftsmanship in the barcelona chair straps which is able to elongate the working life of the barcelona chairs. Our warranty of 5 years for our products is not empty. Please click here to know exact details of how capable we are to make you enjoy the best quality with lowest cost: http://www.barcelonachairfactory.com/Barcelona-Chair-Straps-Repair-Replacement-Package-Higher-Grade

       Foot Protector Case

We offer Foot Protector Case for free on all the barcelona style chairs from us. This device will prevent the stiff foot scraping the floor. We have developed 3 different Foot Protector Cases, you can click here to know more details:http://www.barcelonachairfactory.com/Barcelona-Chair-Foot-Protector-Case


Customization & Color Swatch

As a Factory, we have very strong capacity to customize. We can make with various materials and in any colors that you want. Click here to select colors from Color Swatch of various Materials: http://www.barcelonachairfactory.com/Color-Swatch


Constant improvement and update

We are developing our Technique and Craftsmanship all the time. You can click here to know the latest news and full introduction of the Craftsmanship from us which will be updated from time to time. Buying from us, our customers benefit from this point as we will offer update for you for free or with tiny cost.   http://www.barcelonachairfactory.com/Technique-and-Craftsmanship


Cowhide Barcelona Chair

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  • Price Term: Price here is based on Factory EXW and wholesale,without any additional fees to door address. If you are drop buying or need shipping to door, please send us an email to sales@modernfurniturefactory.com for a total amount and further information.
  • $425.00

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